Bella Blue reaches top 10 in 21st Century Burlesque poll

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Bella Blue

New Orleans burlesque producer and performer Bella Blue was voted No. 8 in the 21st Century Burlesque magazine readers’ poll of the top 50 burlesque performers, as the results of Nos. 4-10 were released Sunday (Jan. 31). Blue was voted No. 16 in the 2015 poll.

Blue, reached late Sunday night, said she was both appreciative of the honor but focused on moving forward with her seemingly myriad projects:

Seeing my accomplishments listed out over the last year really put things in perspective. Like ‘Oh, whoa. I feel really good about what I did that past year. That’s a lot of great stuff to be proud of!’ Because how I operate is just in constant state of setting goals for myself and then not stopping until they are done. There’s not a whole lot of ‘reveling,’ It’s more about ‘Oh man! That was so awesome! Whew! Ok, now what’s next?!’ I just strive to top myself over and over.”

She also emphasized the contributions of her partner in Bella Blue Entertainment, AJay Strong, who started collaborating with her in late 2014.

The poll noted several highlights from 2015 for Blue:

In 2015: Bella headlined The Great Burlesque Exposition in Boston, The Vienna Boylesque Festival, The Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival and The Snake Oil Festival. The New Orleans School of Burlesque opened its own studio after a successful Go Fund Me campaign, and she started producing new show ‘Risq: A Burlesque Revue’ at Harrah’s Casino in New Orleans (alongside regular shows ‘The Dirty Dime Peepshow,’ The NOSB Student Showcase, ‘Strip Roulette’ and ‘The Blue Book Cabaret’). Bella spoke to 21st Century Burlesque Magazine about the now infamous Lucky Pierre’s incident early in 2015, but emerged from the episode with her usual class, integrity and professionalism.”

Blue recently announced the formation of her new troupe, Foxglove Revue. She also rode as the Queen of the Krewe of PUEWC in the Chewbacchus parade Saturday. She recently was voted one of New Orleans’ top 10 performers as well.

Fellow New Orleans performer Charlotte Treuse was voted No. 46 in the poll. Chicago’s Jeez Loueez, a frequent visitor to New Orleans, finished No. 4. The final three are expected to be announced soon.



Charlotte Treuse voted among top 50 burlesque performers by 21st Century Burlesque

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Charlotte Treuse performs at the 7th annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival.

New Orleans burlesque performer Charlotte Treuse, a regular local and touring performer,  has been voted No. 46 in the 21st Century Burlesque readers poll, the results of which are being released incrementally by the magazine Sunday (Jan. 24). The performer, who also was voted among the top 10 favorite New Orleans performers in a recent poll, was recognized in 2015 for her competition at the 7th annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival (watch video below), as an opening act at New Orleans’ inaugural Snake Oil Festival, participating in the Miss Viva Las Vegas burlesque competition, and touring nationally.

“I don’t really know what to say!” she said. “This came as a complete surprise to me. I’ve never made the list before!”

Treuse moved to New Orleans from Portland in 2012, three years after competing in the inaugural New Orleans Burlesque Festival, where she was named first runner-up in 2013 and 2014. She regularly performs with Bella Blue (Foxglove Revue) Trixie Minx, Gogo McGregor (“Vixens and Vinyl”) and Xena Zeit-Geist (The Society of Sin, including the upcoming “Sinner Sisters Damnation Cabaret”). She also works as a costume designer and has designed outfits for New Orleans’ own Perle Noire.

“Before I relocated here I would come a couple times a year to do the festival and to headline Bustout Burlesque at the House of Blues,” she said. “Moving to New Orleans was the best decision of my life! I’m so grateful for the support of my peers, who have turned into a family, and this magical city that has helped foster my art form.”

In 2015, New Orleans burlesque producer and performer Bella Blue was voted No. 16 in the poll.

The rest of the poll results should be released soon, and further New Orleans connections will be posted if/when they arise.

Boylesque performer Russell Bruner, who lived in New Orleans briefly and performed at Lucky Pierre’s as well as the Snake Oil Festival, was voted No. 36. (He’s also performed at the New Orleans Burlesque Festival. Watch his performance below.)

Another performer, Dallas’ Missy Lisa, checked in at No. 32; she also performed at the 7th annual New Orleans Burlesque Festival. (Watch her performance below.)