Kids get their soccer kicks with Mini FC Sundays in front of NOMA

mini-fc-soccerAs evidence continues to mount underscoring the importance of play in the lives of children, it was a happy coincidence to learn about the Mini FC soccer action. Every Sunday at 11 a.m., kids from all cultures gather in the front lawn of the New Orleans Museum of Art to play soccer as part of the Mini FC program.

The idea came to Coach Billy as a way to become more inclusive with recreational soccer, which, in league form (believe me), can be a bit, well, structured.

But with the coach and his fellow staffers, along with some parent volunteers, soccer in front of NOMA can include zombies, dirty socks, and other crazy game-like concepts that make these elementary school-age players forget that they’re actually learning something and simply having a blast. Most of the kids are Latino or Hispanic, though all kids are welcome.

While parents are welcome to bring their own refreshments, plenty of water is available.

You can learn more about Mini FC by friending the group on Facebook. Check out the video above, in which Coach Billy explains the value of the soccer play. Both coaches, however, can only commit to coaching the group through March (there will be a slight break later this fall), as they are both medical students awaiting placement for their respective residencies. Fingers crossed that they can keep this thing going.

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